Felipe Montoro Jens: The CNI Report on Brazil’s Delayed Construction Projects

The recent interruption of 2,776 buildings is a great blow to Brazil. It is also a huge concern for Felipe Montoro Jens since 517 of these buildings lie in the infrastructure sector.

Felipe Montoro Jens goes ahead to analyze and report on the CNI (National Confederation of Industry) study regarding the paralysis of construction work. According to Felipe, the sanitation area of infrastructure is the most affected with a total of 447 enterprises crippled during their stage of implementation.

The CNI report highlights that Brazil plays a considerable range of resources despite the fact that only 2% of the country’s GDP is allocated for infrastructure. The ongoing interruption of works in many buildings leads to extensive consumption of resources without the generation of any benefits to the public. As such, it is clear that more work needs to be done in the execution of projects in the public sector. Read more about Montoro Jens at baptista.com

Felipe Montoro Jens continues to cite that many facilities in educational units such as day-care centers, pre-schools, and sports avenues were also paralyzed. This is as signaled by the CNI report which terms these facilities as simple and cheaper. The interruption of construction work in these buildings is majorly associated with technical issues and poor planning. Some companies also tend to opt out in the middle of a project; hence significantly crippling the works. Additionally, problems in budgetary allocations and inadequate finances greatly hinder the completion of the projects. Issues concerning the ownership of land and expropriation also contribute to the stoppage of works.

Moreover, Montoro Jens associates the interruption of construction with the ongoing economic crisis in Brazil. The crisis is one major reason for restricting spending on development projects. As such, the federal government plays a significant role in the crippling of vital infrastructure projects in the country.

Felipe Montoro Jens is a skilled expert in the field of infrastructure projects in Brazil.

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