EOS Captures and Holds the Attention of Lip Balm Users

When Evolution of Smooth hit the market, consumers were impressed. There was a slick ad campaign introducing EOS lip balm as a new and intriguing lip balm, different from the others. EOS offered a myriad of flavors and mini-pot containers in the coordinated colors of the flavor. There was a pastel blue colored container holding a blueberry acai flavored lip gloss. The designers at the company decided to go against the standard cylinder shape and flavorless lip balm taste and reinvent lip balm, and they have succeeded and have become the second most popular lip balm only behind Bert’s Bees.

What is amazing about EOS lip balm is that the product sprang from the minds of the founder of the company, Craig Dubitsky, a former commodity trader who researched the market for a product that when packaged and marketed successfully would be profitable. He has made EOS the popular colorful product it has become. The use of social media and celebrity endorsements have aided the success of EOS but the product once sampled will make new customers out of the curious.

EOS has become a commercial success and now can be found in retailers Wal-Mart, Well and Target alongside the industry standards. The EOS individual mini pots sell for just slightly more than the competition, but EOS offers colors and flavors and the punch and panache lacking in the other lip balm products. https://www.amazon.com/Organic-Smooth-Strawberry-Passion-Honeydew/dp/B009QTDYYA

If you are not aware of the multiple flavors and the packaging of the EOS products just visit their website. You’re also encouraged to visit the EOS Facebook page for more information.

Capturing the attention and imagination of the consuming public is an art. EOS has designed a product needed by consumers and has endeavored to advertise and package their product to create the most interest possible.


EOS lip balm