The Manse on Marsh Receives a Caring Star Award

An assisted living facility, the Manse on Marsh, is a San Louis-based company that was recently honored for its ultimate car. The company received a Caring Star award, which honors excellent services, at the memory care communities and the assisted living services in America. Because of the various good ratings of the firm consumers, it was awarded as a Senior Care Directory.

According to reliable sources, Caring Stars are the most much-admired assisted memory and living care communities in the country. For the companies to qualify for the 2015 awards, they should have helped memory or living care communities. They should have received a minimum of three consumer reviews from December 2013 to December 2014. For this reason, they must earn at least one five-star rating in that period. They should also have an overall four-star rating on their services. The awards also don’t tolerate any unsolved negative review. Therefore, the company was considered in the win as other online reputation information.

This is the fourth years of their continued operations. The Caring Star award was the first in the award for the senior living industry. For over three years, the awards have laid great focus on the services rendered to the older adults of America. They are committed to developing strategies that ensure the elderly are treated with utmost respect. Therefore, Caring Star award is the most outstanding award in the United States. This company has helped the senior citizens to make the best living choices and give them a direct feedback on what they are about to consume.

For most, the Award are profiled in the social media and trade platforms. is their central platform. According to most advisors, they are the best housing referral. To view their facilities, please visit their website on

The Manse on Marsh is based in San Luis Obispo. It uses the nationally-recognized and industry-established care Platform for the Assisted Living. Their services include medication agreement, bathing & grooming, reminders, and much more. While they consider the resident’s unique needs, their services are determined by a point of the system. It is the best assisted living facility in the South Coast.