Lessons Learned: Ignition Financial


The only thing that I have ever tried to really impress on my kids is that in order to avoid much of the stress that is placed on families, people have to watch their finances closely. By doing this, they can avoid an issue that brings most families to the edge of departing. This occurs at many economic levels, but the overriding benefit is that financial stability is good in so many ways, and those lessons can be taught very early in life. I know because I learned these lessons the hard way, and I would like to spare my children the trouble.


My daughter was instantly on board, and she has lived her life accordingly, but my son has just recently learned the very real pitfalls associated with poor financial habits. He always has contested everything that I have tried to instill in him, but in the end, he learns the hard way. At first, he had an issue when I was not impressed about the things he purchased recklessly. The last thing he purchased in this manner finally blew up his bank account to the point at which he had to receive help.


However, I refused to help him, and I did my best to discourage help for him from the rest of the family. Being tired of his poor spending habits, they were all on board. My son purchased this gaudy overpriced car from a side dealership with less than honest sales and finance people. Initially, he was riding high. In actuality, he was actually borrowing money from the entire family while trying to hide it from me. Needless to say, he failed miserably, and I got the full picture of his financial problems. He was losing ground fast, but he did have a huge out at least on the car.


I recently ran across a company that refinances auto loans. I was sort of blown away because this was not the case in my youth or even for most of my adult years, but this company checked out. It is called Ignition Financial and even their website is great. They were unable to rescue my son without my help at all. In the end my son learned his lesson, and the entire family found an ally in Ignition Financial. They have since helped many different family members. We simply send them links at http://www.ignitionfinancial.org/auto-loans