EOS Captures and Holds the Attention of Lip Balm Users

When Evolution of Smooth hit the market, consumers were impressed. There was a slick ad campaign introducing EOS lip balm as a new and intriguing lip balm, different from the others. EOS offered a myriad of flavors and mini-pot containers in the coordinated colors of the flavor. There was a pastel blue colored container holding a blueberry acai flavored lip gloss. The designers at the company decided to go against the standard cylinder shape and flavorless lip balm taste and reinvent lip balm, and they have succeeded and have become the second most popular lip balm only behind Bert’s Bees.

What is amazing about EOS lip balm is that the product sprang from the minds of the founder of the company, Craig Dubitsky, a former commodity trader who researched the market for a product that when packaged and marketed successfully would be profitable. He has made EOS the popular colorful product it has become. The use of social media and celebrity endorsements have aided the success of EOS but the product once sampled will make new customers out of the curious.

EOS has become a commercial success and now can be found in retailers Wal-Mart, Well and Target alongside the industry standards. The EOS individual mini pots sell for just slightly more than the competition, but EOS offers colors and flavors and the punch and panache lacking in the other lip balm products. https://www.amazon.com/Organic-Smooth-Strawberry-Passion-Honeydew/dp/B009QTDYYA

If you are not aware of the multiple flavors and the packaging of the EOS products just visit their website. You’re also encouraged to visit the EOS Facebook page for more information.

Capturing the attention and imagination of the consuming public is an art. EOS has designed a product needed by consumers and has endeavored to advertise and package their product to create the most interest possible.


EOS lip balm


Fabletics- Affordable, Well-designed and Élite Brand

Gone are the days when affordability and quality were the only determinants of a brand’s success. Companies that want to succeed today have to focus on a different business model. The main factors that contribute to a brand’s success today are brand awareness, proper product design and customer experience. A company that excels in all these will top its market niche. Fabletics is a company that has achieved succeeded by focusing on these core principles.


Fabletics started out as an online subscription company. It went forth to open various brick and mortar stores so as to operate its business in a reverse showroom approach. The result is that Fabletics has gained faithful customers. The company has had massive success within three years of operation. Fabletics has built a $250 million empire within three years of existence. The firm competes with bigwigs in the fashion industry like Amazon.


The reverse showroom strategy focuses on keeping faithful members to a particular company. Enterprises that operate in a showroom business achieve maximum succeed. The showroom approach makes customers view the products at specific stores and purchase the items elsewhere. The advent of the internet has seen many companies offer products at reduced prices. Many people thus view products offline and later buy in online stores. However, Fabletics has opened both offline and online stores. Customers that see products offline and buy online at discounted prices. The business model is thus called a reverse showroom. Fabletics has succeeded with this strategy and competes with giants in the fashion industry.


A lot can be said about Fabletics offline stores. They are located in prime shopping destinations and are highly accessible. Fabletics has stayed ahead of the competition by offering discounts in offline stores. Fabletics has invested massively in visitor data collection. This information has transformed the company’s business operations. The result is that Fabletics has made several business decisions that are highly successful.


Fabletics online stores are powerful and have gained massive popularity. The Online stores focus on a comprehensive website which caters to a large consumer crowd. The stores sell anything you would need with athletic gear. There are several numbers of garments that should include everything that a customer may want to purchase. Kate Hudson has assisted in the design of most of the activewear. One can find designer leggings and tops for exercising. Small accessories such as socks are included in the all-inclusive shopping experience.


About Fabletics


Fabletics officially started in October 2013. The company has three co-founders Adam Goldenberg, Kate Hudson, and Don Ressler. The three businesspersons started Fabletics to sell workout clothing that should fit everyday wear. Fabletics later started a line of clothing for men in June 2015. The company then introduced swimwear and dresses in March 2016. Apart from online stores, Fabletics has several brick and mortar stores. The firm plans to open about seventy-five stores in the next three years. Fabletics is increasingly growing and expanding. If the firm continues at this pace, it is going to beat top fashion giants soon.

Confer With Your Knowledge Network

Everyone has a fundamental need to learn and share knowledge. Known for Postgraduate Study and research, the Wessex Institute of Technology WIT offers a variety of Conferences available for 2017. World-renowned presenters are scheduled to host such topics such as disaster management, timber structures, urban transport, energy sustainability, complex systems and pollution. Various Universities and sponsors collectively work with advisory committees within the international scientific community to schedule these conferences.

One advantage of attending these conferences is the ability to get research papers published according to your detailed subject matter. Information regarding conferences held since 2008, invited presenters and publication of papers are available on the website. Another advantage is the ability to network within your area of expertise.

Information regarding Wessex Institute of Technology conferences and WIT in general are revealed at www.wessex.ac.uk. Registration fees are the same for each conference regardless of location. Visa information pertaining to the conference is also listed.

The Growth and Success of Sweetgreen with Nathaniel Ru

Sweetgreen has become one of the most coveted places where one can get a healthy, tasty and mouth-watering meal, by a majority of the people. The increasingly growing brand was co-founded by Nathaniel Ru alongside his to friends. With the health of its consumers being among the core principles that run the Sweetgreen chain of outlets, the brand has been able to not only provide healthy foodstuffs but also ensure they source the best produce from the farm, which is grown naturally. Interestingly, Sweetgreen is able to offer all of this and still charge reasonable price on a relatively large serving of any of their versatile foodstuffs.


Noticeably, some successful restaurants, like Fortune, pointed out that if they were to start their operations all over again, they would do it the Sweetgreen way as this brand is increasingly gaining in profile due to how its operators streamline it. Apart from the traditional demographic analysis, Nathaniel Ru attributes their success to their strategic sequencing, which is their perfect timing of entry into the market. The service design of the Sweetgreen brand engraves in its technology, storytelling as well as the design at its par. Ordering at Sweetgreen has been made easier with their online app, which people can leverage the different ordering options and features. Besides, ordering in-store is more fun and satisfying just like a reliable restaurant.


According to Nathaniel Ru, Sweetgreen, before opening a cluster of additional stores, the brand chain first meets with farmers in diverse regions to determine if they can create a steady supply chain. Unlike a majority of other competing restaurants who demand a certain crop from the farmers, Sweetgreen visits the farmers and asks what they produce. As a result, Sweetgreen is strategically geared to cut down on substantial food wastage while still exposing their clients to a different variety of veggies, which they might not try under normal circumstances. Sweetgreen demonstrates that there is more to a good lunch meal than burritos and burgers.


Nathaniel is a holder of a BS in Finance, in 2007, from the Georgetown’s University McDonough School of Business. In 2007, Ru and two of his friends from Georgetown partnered to form Sweetgreen, with Georgetown being their initial location. Currently, Sweetgreen controls more than 27 locations in over six states, and it has expansion plans directed to the west coast. The idea of Sweetgreen mushroomed from their, Ru and his two friends, notion that the society required eco-friendly, healthy and delicious dining option away from the conventional stringent one.

Lori Senecal: A Remarkable Management Strategist

Businesses should be able to learn from celebrities such as Lindsay Lohan, Amy Winehouse, Britney Spears and Jessica Simpson. According to Lori Senecal, the branding skills used by these women are excellent. The simple lessons that can be learned from these celebrities can help elevate the status of several brands. Firstly, she argues that any brand with excellent stylists will win more market shares.

Besides, consumers like a great comeback and thus, organizations should become creative to develop strategies that will make them appear as they have bounced back into the business. Additionally, expanding talents to become a double or a triple threat is an excellent approach that most musicians use. Most of them are song writers, producers, and online entrepreneurs. She further argues that communication with consumers never ends and thus enterprises should adopt the skills used by celebrities to remain at the top.

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Her Management Career

In March 2015, CP+B announced to have named Lori Senecal as their Global CEO. The appointment meant that Lori had to leave her position as the global executive chairman at KBS. However, Senecal continued to execute her duties as the President-CEO of MDC. In her new position, Lori was tasked with the responsibility to oversee global company expansion and managing all the eight international offices of CP+B.

The decision for CP+B to appoint her was as a result of her excellent career in management. Over the years at MDC, KBS, and McCann Erickson, Lori Senecal embraced technology and remarkable innovation on an international level. Being an excellent management strategist, she has developed various strategic partnerships, created various excellent business divisions and led international accounts such as Nestle, Coco-Cola, and BMW. Besides, she transformed KBS from a domestic agency with 250 people over 900 people international organization. With such an extraordinary experience, CP+B could not help but hire her. See: https://www.shootonline.com/news/tags/13820

In 2009, Lori left her position as the president of McCann-Erickson to take over the role of as the CEO-president of the Kirshenbaum Bond and Partners. Ms. Senecal was hired due to her experience in a significant multinational ad agency, which KBS required to grow beyond its original New York borders. Besides, her vast knowledge, reputation and entrepreneur skills made her the best choice for KBS op seat. Senecal was tasked with the responsibility to oversee over $700 million billings from clients such as Panasonic, BMW, and Diageo.

Ms. Senecal departure from McCann-Erickson brought about a significant blow to the company’s stability. Her departure made the company to lose a substantial amount of their profits. The loss was due to the drop of key portions of its Microsoft account and the subsequent struggles with their client, General Motors.

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An In-depth Review of the Wen Hair Conditioner

WEN conditioner is one of the best cleansing conditioners developed by Chaz Dean. The product creates a pleasant fragrance and replaces the need of having regular shampoo. The Wen hair product functions like a quality conditioner and shampoo in one bottle. African America women will be especially pleased with the Wen hair care system. Black hair is mostly known to dry, coarse, thick and curly. The combination never works well when used with regular shampoo. The more expensive shampoo options never work satisfactorily. People with an African hair type usually end up spending an enormous fortune to ensure that their hair looks healthy.

The Wen cleansing conditioner doesn’t contain harsh chemicals we see in regular shampoo. The product does not contain detergents, additives or harmful cleaning chemicals like sodium lauryl sulfate. The Wen hair products are suitable for every hair type. People that have dry and damaged hair will love the product. It gets rid of frizzy locks, coarse and curly hair. People that want color treatments with their hair should also opt for the product.

The biggest benefit of the Wen line of products is that it is not formulate with harsh chemicals. The product works impressively without adding chemical and stripping the hair of its natural oils. Natural oils are usually necessary for hair that is dry, coarse or could end up breaking quickly. The Wen cleansing conditioner is available for every hair type. Some conditioning products are best suitable for personal needs. The Fig Conditioner is one line of product that is mostly beneficial to oily scalps.

Wen by Chaz Dean (http://chazdean.com/) has been used to re-moist the hydrating mask in hair. People with extreme damage to their hair may benefit from the hydrating mask by applying it to dry hair and leaving it for thirty minutes. The option is great for people that have had their damaged from processing and color treating.

Visit the WEN Facebook page and Twitter account today to learn more.


Geoffrey Cone Promotes Global Moves

As a global attorney, Geoffrey Cone is very skilled in helping people make the moves that they need to be able to move to a different country. He wants to make sure that his clients are able to make the moves that they want and that they are able to do it easily. For that reason, he works hard to make sure that he is doing more in the business that he is in.


A global attorney is someone who will work with people who are planning moves to different countries. Global attorneys are trained to know the best locations and the different processes for moving to many different countries. They are also often very familiar with what they can and cannot do to help their clients out when they make a move to a different country. It is a good idea for people like Geoffrey Cone to know how to advise all of their clients.


Advice can come in the form of actual talking advice or even in the form of doing paperwork for clients. Since global attorneys are so good at what they do, they are confident that they can help people reach the goals that they want to reach. They know how to do the paperwork and they are always making sure that they can get all of the information from their clients. Geoffrey Cone helps his clients do all of their paperwork when they are planning a move so that they do not have to worry about any step of the moving process.


Some of the clients that Geoffrey Cone has seen are planning to make a move to New Zealand. These are people who are going to move there because they love the country and some people move there because they think that they are going to get a tax break. This is not the case because New Zealand does not offer tax breaks to the people who live there. The country only has tax transparency which has nothing to do with reduced taxes. People who move to New Zealand are still expected to pay taxes.


Despite the fact that New Zealand does not have reduced taxes, there are many countries that do. In fact, Geoffrey Cone is one of the many people who help to publish the list of countries that are tax-free. He wants to make sure that people get what they want from the list and he offers it to all of the clients that he has. He knows that people who are wanting to save money on the taxes that they are currently required to pay will benefit from a tax haven country so that they don’t have to pay as much money on their income.


The Leading Hair Care Products WEN by Chaz

Being presentable is a universal matter of concern to most women, and when they are trying to ensure they are neatly groomed it’s not easy to leave the hair aspect making hair care an area that requires proper attention. There are various products used for hair care which range from; shampoos, conditioners, and relaxers among others. WEN Hair by Chaz is a leading world brand which has the products that give users the hair they always dream of. The products include; cleansing conditioner and sweet almond among others.

WEN products have been developed by a stylist who has had a lot of experience in hair care. His name is Chaz Dean, and he is based in Los Angeles. His clients include Hollywood finest, and he is easy to get along with, and this makes his clients comfortable around him. Dean has deeply rooted passion for hair care having worked in high-end salons and also in a big company where he helped the company in developing high-quality hair products. Chaz Dean (https://chazdean.com/store.aspx) develops products that leave the client’s expectations met beyond what they expected.

WEN by Chaz deluxe kit is a product that gives your hair an outstanding look. The development of the product aim was to give the user hair more strength, control, increase its hydration, and ensure it’s more manageable. The deluxe kit includes; a misty replenishing treatment, a gloss product that straightens and smoothens the user’s hair, a nourishing mousse, crème that has anti- frizz styling and a conditioner that is rich in cleansing agents. The kit is very pocket-friendly selling at 39.95 USD and the company caters for the shipping cost anywhere in the world. WEN hair products are available online via eBay, QVC and Guthy-Renker store. WEN by Chaz also has also yet another product for women who want hair that brings the best image of them, and it’s called WEN Hair Basic Hair Kit. It’s comprised of an excellent blend of ingredients that are natural and sourced from botanical extracts and herbs. The kit gives the user healthy and glamorous hair.


The Manse on Marsh Receives a Caring Star Award

An assisted living facility, the Manse on Marsh, is a San Louis-based company that was recently honored for its ultimate car. The company received a Caring Star award, which honors excellent services, at the memory care communities and the assisted living services in America. Because of the various good ratings of the firm consumers, it was awarded as a Senior Care Directory.

According to reliable sources, Caring Stars are the most much-admired assisted memory and living care communities in the country. For the companies to qualify for the 2015 awards, they should have helped memory or living care communities. They should have received a minimum of three consumer reviews from December 2013 to December 2014. For this reason, they must earn at least one five-star rating in that period. They should also have an overall four-star rating on their services. The awards also don’t tolerate any unsolved negative review. Therefore, the company was considered in the win as other online reputation information.

This is the fourth years of their continued operations. The Caring Star award was the first in the award for the senior living industry. For over three years, the awards have laid great focus on the services rendered to the older adults of America. They are committed to developing strategies that ensure the elderly are treated with utmost respect. Therefore, Caring Star award is the most outstanding award in the United States. This company has helped the senior citizens to make the best living choices and give them a direct feedback on what they are about to consume.

For most, the Award are profiled in the social media and trade platforms. Caring.com is their central platform. According to most advisors, they are the best housing referral. To view their facilities, please visit their website on caring.com.

The Manse on Marsh is based in San Luis Obispo. It uses the nationally-recognized and industry-established care Platform for the Assisted Living. Their services include medication agreement, bathing & grooming, reminders, and much more. While they consider the resident’s unique needs, their services are determined by a point of the system. It is the best assisted living facility in the South Coast.

Handy becomes the biggest cleaning company as it hits 1 million bookings

Handy is a big name when it comes to home cleaning services. It is an on-demand home service company based in New York City. Its platform has grown mainly because of its mobile application that connects customers with cleaning professionals. The company has provided household services such as home painting, home cleaning and moving. It handles payments, bookings and even offers money-back guarantee to thousands of its customers that use the services every week.

The company has had a great leap since its services focus on mobile app and strategic development. Many customers that use the services have greatly enjoyed the kind of quality services provided by the company. The company provides excellent services beyond customer expectations. This is why a large percent of customers that use the services are recurrent customers that are happy with the exemplary services.

Uman Dua and Oisin, the company leaders of Handy met in 2011 and founded the company in 2012. In June 2015, Handy.com was able to surpass its target of 1 million bookings through its online and mobile platforms. It has since partnered with several companies such as Highland Capital Partners and BoxGroup who are their top investors. Anyone can order a plumber, a home cleaner or a handy man just from your phone.

In today’s top list of startup descriptions, handy falls in the category of Uber home maintenance. The platform is similar to Uber in many ways. Just like Uber, the company handles payments, demands and supply through its online platform. The brand has been growing fast in the previous years. Handybook has managed to raise close to $12 million dollars through its partners Highland Capital and General Catalyst. Statistics from the company shows that it grows by about 60% each month.

The NYC-based company today has more than 60 employees and multiple freelancers that complete over 100,000 jobs monthly. The company operates in multiple cities such as Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston and San Francisco. Early in the year the company bought West Coast Cleaning Business for an undisclosed huge amount.

There has been a significant increase in demand for home services in the previous years. The company today aims to be at the top of the list in offering the best home cleaning services. The New York Based company aims at expanding its services to include Handy Delivery. Handy Deliver is set to be a delivery service that should deliver and assemble goods and furniture.