Jeremy Goldenstein on Options and Their Disadvantages

Mr. Jeremy Goldstein is an experienced attorney with more than 15 years of experience working in the field of law helping his clients with a multitude of different legal cases. He has played an important part being employed by more prominent organizations and large corporations when they’ve wanted legal advice regarding topics such as employee benefits as well as significant corporate transactions.


Some companies Mr. Jeremy Goldstein has worked together with as his clients include AT&T, Bank One, Verizon, Duke Energy, Merck, and Chevron. Today Mr. Jeremy Goldstein is the owner of an independent law firm he established, which can be found in New York. He is also a board member of the well established nonprofit law journal Fountain House.


In a recent interview, Jeremy Goldstein explained how knockout options help many employers. There are three reasons that have companies trying to curtail the benefits.


One reason is that the stock values might drop sharply and, in turn, make it difficult for employees to do their jobs. Still, companies are required to report their associated expenses. Stockholders also face some risk of overhanging in options.


Another reason is that employees have started feeling a dissatisfaction with his method of payment as such benefits resemble casino tokens more than substantial cash.


The third reason is the accounting difficulties that options poise. There are a number of relevant costs which overshadow most financial advantages of such derivatives. Most staff members prefer receiving a higher salary than such benefits.


While there are some disadvantages, there are also a few positive sides to this. Such types of compensation are not unwanted in addition to good wages and equities. That is widely due to the fact that most staff members can achieve a natural understanding of these kids of compensations and it can also boost the personal earnings of the employee by a considerable amount.


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David McDonald is one of the few respected figures in the meat processing industry. At the moment, the businessman is serving as the chief operating officer and president of a company known as OSI Group. The company has a lot of positive reviews in the modern times, and it is considered to be the largest global food processing company.OSI Group is currently headquartered in Illinois, Aurora, and it has branches in almost all parts of the word. According to the company portfolio, the food company has established itself in more than eighteen countries in the world. David McDonald has played a fundamental role in the success of the company.

The food processing industry is considered to be one of the most challenging departments in the world. Although the sector is very profitable when it is making sales, it can lead to great loses if an investor is not careful with whatever they are doing. Different people have proven to have various tastes, and meeting their demands can be extremely challenging. The OSI Group is already an international company, and this means that it has consumers who come from different geographical areas. These consumers have unique tastes, and this forces the leaders in the company to form local management teams so that they can take care of the consumer needs.

David McDonald has been serving in the institution for a while, and he has played a leading role in the expansion of OSI Group to countries such as Hungary and Geneva. Not long ago, David announced that his company had successfully managed to set up a poultry processing plant that will be based in china. After launching the food plant, the company has won the hearts of many white meat customers who are found in several parts of the world. The company has plants in Poland and India too.

For an international company to become successful, it has to choose leaders who understand the market perfectly. After serving in the food processing department for several years, David has now become one of the most respected figures in the OSI Group. The businessman is well educated, having gone to some of the best schools in the world. The expertise he gained while studying at the university has played a leading role in his successful career. When the businessman is not working, he loves to spend time with friends and family. Most of his investments have been doing well too.

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Stream Energy on the Hidden Electricity Costs and How to Prevent Them

The company also educated people through their content on the uses of electricity. It also offers some useful pieces of advice which many people forget about and end of having a moment of fright every other electricity bill upon seeing the cost. Visit Public Utility Commission of Texas website to know more about Stream Energy.

Stream Energy is a business that works in the industry of retail electricity provision. It came to be in 2004 when it was created by business partners Rob Snyder and Piere Koshajki.

The truth is that devices suck up power even when they are not being in use. If they are in standby mode, have a light flashing somewhere, o the display is active than those devices are surely sucking up energy. They should be unplugged when they are not being used.

One or two devices might not seem much but look round and notice how many devices are currently plugged in in the room. For example, if you unplug your coffee maker when you are not using it, it can save you about a dollar a year. That is nothing, right? Unplugging an entertainment system can save you about $130 a year. View Stream Energy at

There are many appliances that cannot be unplugged such as the freezer and the fridge for example as they are continually working. Computers, lamps, DVD stations, entertainment systems, DVR, hair styling tools, toasters, coffee makers, oven, and many others all suck up electricity, and they accumulate hidden electricity cost. That makes up for an extra hefty bill at the end of the month. The DVR alone could save you about $37 a year if unplugged.

Being more aware of hidden electricity costs and how to get rid of them can save you a pretty penny every single month. No one needs to watch their money sliding out of their pocket when they could have easily prevented it with this practice.


Building the World: The American Institute of Architects

If you have ever admired a building or a house, then chances are your life has been indirectly influenced by an architect. Every skyscraper, every house, and even a lot of interior designs have an architect’s fingerprint on them. Architects change the world by their unique designs, and the American Institute of Architects is there to give them all of the necessary support so they can continue to fill America and the rest of the world with immense beauty.

A cursory look at their website shows a whole host of professional development opportunities for their member architects, including a list of the latest professional events that all architects can participate in. For example, a current look at AIA’s calendar reveals that they are going to host an in-person ACD5 online training session in New York City on October 9; an ACD5 Basics training webinar that is ongoing; an an educational event entitled “Scene through the lens: Guadalupe street” on October 14th in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

The professionals at the American Institute of Architects also realize that the field of architecture touches on many different subjects. They have a list of topics that they often touch on, and this would include Art, History and Religion; Building science and technology; Design and health; Design specialty; Energy; Firm Management; Resilience; Social Impact; Career and Profession; and Materials.

Literally volumes could be written about their contributions to these topics. Under the social impact category alone they discuss a variety of programs, including their “disaster assistance” program and their Regional/Urban Design Assistance Team (R/UDAT).

The disaster assistance program consists of a nationwide network of architects who stand ready to help any community before and after a natural disaster occurs. Their most recent task has been to help families and businesses affected by Hurricane Harvey and Irma in Houston and Florida. Moreover, they also coordinate with local agencies to assist in the rebuilding process in each of these areas.

The R/UDAT program is also helpful for many. It helps communities by providing a citizen-led directive to help urban areas become more self-sustainable.

As you can see, there is much that the up-and-coming architect can do to improve their neighborhood, community and world. The American Institute of Architects stands ready to help every architect, whether they are in the twilight of their careers, the middle or even just at the beginning.

Party Planning Tips by Twenty Three Layers

Many people consider party or event-planning one of the hardest and intimidating things. But did you know you can ease the entire process and create a memorable party for all your guests? All you need to do is follow these tips from Twenty Three Layers, one of the best event planning companies NYC.



  1. Start by Organizing



It is obvious there are many things you will need to make the event successful. To avoid missing out anything, create a list of all the things you want to do and supplies to buy. Make sure you have the list in on you to update it regularly, as you remember items and cancel out those you have achieved.




  1. Have a Theme


The type of party you are holding should determine the kind of theme to use. There are endless options out there, and you can quickly transform your space into a fiesta as long as you are creative.</p>


  1. Send Invitations



Online invitations are perfectly acceptable but only for last minute parties. Settling for mailed invitation cards have some advantages including helping set the mood for the party through use of a design matching the theme.



  1. Prepare the Drinks



You can increase the fun at your party by giving your guests the opportunity to be their mixologists. To do this, have a tray and a decanter with two or three liquor brands and let the people enjoy making their concoctions.



You can also place a tray with sparkling drinks such champagne at the door to welcome guests. You can also set aside a special cocktail to be served as the last drink to create a lasting impression on your guests.



About Twenty Three Layers



Twenty Three is one of the corporate event planners NYC. It focuses on making events simple, yet remarkable and memorable.



OSI Industries Provides Excellence in Food Processing on a Global Scale

OSI Industries has developed a worldwide presence as their quality and production capacity has grown over the years. They are a major player on several continents in the food processing industry and they are adept at initiating strategic partnerships with leading retail food brands and foodservice providers. They are among the world’s largest privately held companies in the foodservice industry and their extensive range of resources helps them develop unique, quality products that are nutritious and tasty.

The long and impressive history of OSI Industries can be traced back to 1909 when the company was founded by Otto Kolschowsky. They served in Chicago and were known as Otto & Sons in those early days in which the business was essentially a meat market at a single location. The company started its exponential growth when they became a primary supplier to the McDonald’s corporation in the 1950’s. By 1973, current CEO Sheldon Lavin was helping them secure additional funding to expand the business as they dedicated an entire plant to McDonald’s and the growing empire of the golden arches.

Sheldon Lavin eventually acquired the company when the original owners retired from the business and they were renamed OSI Industries. He had always pictured himself as the owner of a global business and his vision has held great sway for them since he bought the company.

The march of OSI Industries across the globe has been accomplished at a steady rate through the years and Lavin has built a special company. They can now be found in 17 different countries as they operate more than 70 facilities around the world. Their primary production is comprised of protein products and they also manufacture some sauces, vegetables, and baked goods.

One example of a strategic acquisition which increased their capabilities is their purchase of Baho Foods which strengthens their European presence. This deal has enhanced their meat production and has added deli meats and quick snacks to their lineup.

One hallmark of OSI Industries under the leadership of CEO Sheldon Lavin is their strong commitment to green business practices. Their continual interest in sustainability has been a model for other companies to emulate as they maintain positive interactions with people, communities, and local environments.

OSI Industries relies on a spirit of entrepreneurialism that Lavin has carefully cultivated over the years. Innovation and creativity are prized qualities at OSI and they have also developed a family-like atmosphere where everyone has a voice and fresh ideas are welcomed.

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Tony Petrello, a Great Mathematician and a Philanthropist

If people focus on where they have come from, they definitely cannot be where Tony Petrello is today. In short, Tony Petrello happens to be the most respected persons in the society and has worked tirelessly in the journey towards molding his future. He grew up in New Jersey a small city called Newark and attended public schools. His parents didn’t have the luxuries in the world to take him to private schools. Despite the challenges, he is today’s most compensated CEOs from America. He is lucky to be the Chief Executive Officer of Nabors Industries Ltd. He is in no doubt a leader who believes in making things happens. He is a true academician, mathematician, lawyer and a known philanthropist.

Tony Petrello also happens to be one of the leading philanthropists across the globe. In the year 1997, his daughter Cynthia had suffered cerebral palsy during her birth. The daughter was allowed to eat hard foods when she was 7 years of age. The journey of helping children started there when he developed the desire to help these children. He went to Texas Children’s Hospital and donated $7 million to that hospital. He also became a member of the board of trustees. The hospital built a complex who main activity was to help patients with neurological problems. The institute is commited towards treating children from across the globe and the country to be specific. He has been able to raise a lot of money and has been able to raise millions of money.

Tony Petrello is the current CEO of Nabor Industries Ltd and has been on the frontline making its dreams come true. He is definitely a great world icon and has come from far in life. He was a famous person at Newark because of his prowess in solving certain mathematical problems. He was awarded a scholarship by the University of Yale. He did a bachelors degree in Mathematics and later went on to pursue a master in the same subject. He is in no doubt a great life scholar and an achiever in his own level. Tony surprised many when he abandoned his mathematician dream to pursue a bachelor in law from the University of Havard. He was later employed by Baker & McKenzie which is one of the largest law firms in the United States. That is when some staff from Nabors discovered his ability and they employed him.

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Trabuco: Ancient Weapon Of War

The trabuco, counterweight blunderbuss, or trebuchet as it is called in France, is a catapult style weapon that dates back to the Middle Ages. The purpose of the weapon was to break through the walls that were built around a city during a siege attempt.

The trabuco was first used in Ancient China around 400 AD, though the true power of the weapon wasn’t realized until it was used during the Crusades in England. Trabucos were commonly used as wartime weapons until the advent of gunpowder.

Despite the similaeity to the catapult, the trabuco was a unique weapon for its time. This is due to the construction of the weapon and the way it was powered. Unlike a catapult, the tabuco was easy to manufacture and not difficult to maintain. On it worked by transforming the potential energy of a sling into kinetic energy. The trabuco used a counter weight against their weapons of choice in order to fling the projectile over or into the city’s border wall. The trabuco often most often flung stones, though there are some reports of diseased corpses being placed inside it in the hopes of spreading the disease to the opposing side.

According to the largest trabucos could take up to twelve days to assemble, though the size varied greatly throughout the mechanism’s popular use. Depending on the weight of the projectiles being released, upwards of 250 men were sometimes needed as a counter balance in order for the weapon to discharge properly, though this was avoided as much as possible. It proved difficult to ensure all the men were performing their part properly.

The trabuco caused mayhem and destruction during its long reign as a weapon of war. But with the invention of gunpowder, it was no longer needed. The last recorded military use of a trabuco was in 1521. The only reason it was being used at this point was because of a shortage of gunpowder.

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How Fabletics Latter has become better than its Former

Fabletics is a female sport’s attire line that began operating in 2013. As a start-up, Fabletics and its products were not well known to the world, and that is when Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg discovered that something was amiss with their TechStyle Fashion Group. It is then that they sought after Kate Hudson, an actress who had no prior knowledge of how to run any business, to join them. Shortly after Kate joined the band wagon, sales started picking up, and Fabletics transformed from an institution with limited assets to one worth more than $250 million.


Over the years, Fabletics has experienced a steep incline in productivity mainly because of Hudson’s input. Apart from being the brains behind the unique fashion trends that Fabletics is renowned for, Kate Hudson has stepped out of her comfort zone to engineer a corporation that maximizes on making profits but minimizes on the wastage of resources. Also, Kate Hudson has made it her responsibility to review company budgets, something that has gone a long way to utilizing every single penny productively.


From the get go, Kate Hudson has been strategic in executing her duties at Fabletics. By keeping a close eye on weekly sales numbers, she has been in a position of knowing which apparels are selling and the ones that are lagging behind a lot more. With such vital information, Kate has been able to bring success to Fabletics on a silver platter. One celebrity with fond memories about Kate Hudson is Demi Lovato. Demi remembers Kate as a straightforward but inexperienced lady in as far as running a business is concerned.


However, Demi is exceptionally proud of the Kate Hudson we have presently come to love because she chose to step up to the occasion and change the conditioning at Fabletics. Apart from Kate’s input, Fabletics has been experiencing success year after year because it always provides its clients with quality products and services. As a reliable company, Fabletics has been able to earn high levels of trust and respect from many of its customers. As proof of their appreciation, a vast majority of these customers have taken the next step to highlight their satisfaction on the Fabletics website review section, a factor that has helped sell the athleisure company to the rest of the world. In so doing, Fabletics has leveraged the power of the crowd, earning millions of dollars in the process.


Besides, Fabletics has overly relied on modern technology, and for that reason, the institution has been able to rise to the occasion. By listening to the remarks of every client, no matter how right or wrong they might be, Fabletics has become a brand much appreciated by women, primarily for its athleisure brand. The athleisure brand not only gives ladies the opportunity to dress in attractive sportswear but also put on Fabletics outfits during casual occasions. If you ever want to get hold of something from Fabletics, ensure that you first take a Lifestyle Quiz to match you with attire that meets your expectations.

Expansion of OSI Group From a Meager Butcher Shop To A Global Food Manufacturer

OSI Group has been in existence for over a century. OSI is currently based out of Aurora Illinois which is about an hour outside of downtown Chicago. OSI Group started out as a small butcher shop in Chicago called Otto & Sons. It was founded by Otto Kolschowsky. Since its founding OSI Group has expanded exponentially from a tiny family run butcher shop in the city to a global food product provider with over sixty five locations worldwide.

Sheldon Lavin is the current acting chief executive officer for OSI Group. Sheldon puts a main focus on food safety, sustainability and a eco-friendly packaging and product line. Sheldon has been with OSI group since the 1970’s when they experienced a huge jump in product demand and production. In 1955 Otto & Sons butcher shop was approached by McDonalds to produce their hamburgers. In 1973 Otto & Sons was being run by two brothers who were sons to Otto Kolschowsky. Sheldon Lavin became a partner to them and they opened a manufacturing plant that would be able to produce McDonald’s hamburgers.

In 1975 Otto & Sons butcher shop became OSI group. Sheldon Lavin helped to direct the company into a manufacturing market place. The next 25 years experienced remarkable growth for Otto Group. From 1975 through to 2000 they opened more plants within the United States and then went on to open plants in Mexico, the Philippines, Germany, Spain, Brazil, Taiwan and China.

In the early 2000’s OSI group continued on with expansion. This time instead of expanding just manufacturing plants OSI expanded into the poultry marketplace. OSI also put a focus on acquisitions. They were able to acquire other companies in the United Kingdom, India and Canada. Continuing to expand they acquired companies in the United Kingdom that focused on premade meals, mayonnaise, salad dressings and sauces.

OSI Group also gained a strong place in the German Markets after acquiring companies that features ready to eat meals and condiments. OSI Group puts great value in their employees and creating an eco-friendly and sustainable product line. OSI is eager to continually embrace the marketplace and meet customers’ culinary preferences.

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