Success Academy Gives Students a Chance to Excel

The growth of Success Academy is astounding. This is a charter school system where the students are performing much better than the other students in the traditional public schools. This has become a very popular school system that has managed to produce a lot of students that are already ready for college when they finish. This is what Eva Moskowitz has been able to do.


The great thing about Success Academy is that there are teachers that are passionate about the work that they are doing. They love to teach, and this is the thing that is going to make it possible for more students to get a better education. Eva Moskowitz has a desire to rethink education. She did not want to be put in a place where other kids would not get the education that she missed out on. Eva wanted students in New York to have much better opportunities. That is why she has put forth much effort to help build a program that can really tap into a student’s academic potential.


Students really have a chance to engage in this school experience a greater sense of pride about the school that they attend. There is a random lottery process for the school system. Everyone is not going to be able to get into this school. That may be the thing that makes people appreciate it so much. They realize that it is a privilege to get into this school so they do not want to squander the opportunity.


There are a lot of people that are interested in what is happening in this school system. Most people will agree that teachers are going to play a big part of the equation in education, but the support of the parents is big too. Success Academy has become a major force in New York, and parents are excited to help their children progress. The students in these schools are going to have access to great opportunities. Eva Moskowitz is definitely making a difference in the lives of students that attend this school. She is helping shape young minds.

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